New Zealand Honey Co

New Zealand Honey Co. are passionate about our product and have direct involvement from the hive to shelf, preserving the nutritional qualities and flavour of the harvested honey. All our honey is packed free of additives, harvested from predominantly unspoilt nature reserves, with processing of the raw honey carefully managed. Each batch of honey is traceable all the way back to specific hives. The packed products are rigorously tested to ensure the honeys are as pure as possible, with flavours of amazing depth and taste. Importantly all New Zealand Honey Co. beekeepers are involved in sustainable beekeeping practices and manage their hives without antibiotics. New Zealand Honey Co offer a large range of delicious natural honeys; including a selection of honeys developed with additional flavours and products that complement the natural honey, offering you our clients greater choice for how you enjoy your honey. In addtition we are dedicated to working closely with New Zealand Research Institutions to understand the unique health properties of each of our honeys, to give you the best honey possible. 

We know that you as our consumer have more and more interest in understanding the source of the food that you buy from us.  New Zealand Honey Co. has its' honey scientifically tested by Oritain New Zealand. Each batch is given a unique code which can be verified online by visiting Oritain New Zealand so that you the consumer can be assured you are buying genuine, New Zealand Honey.  Look for the Oritain Symbol and Code on our labels.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding honeys, paying attention to the important details, ensuring divine honey every time!

NZ Honey Co Honey 340g
RRP $14.95