EnviroCare Mould Remover & Sparkling Tile Cleaner 2L

EnviroCare Mould Remover & Sparkling Tile Cleaner 2L

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  • Removes calcium, lime and rust deposits
  • Natural and biological acids, NO harsh chlorine
  • Kills and contains bacteria, algae, fungi and mould
  • Cleans glass, aluminium, stainless steel, chrome and
    ceramic tiles
  • Use on shower screens, shower recess, sinks, floors and
    hard surfaces
  • Removes soil
  • Use enviroCARE Body & Hair or Sensitive Body & Hair
    Cleanser and eliminate soap scum build up on your tiles and
    glass screens
  • Added bonus of keeping drain pipes free from soap scum and
    calcium build up
  • Always use on a wet surface to minimise streaking
  • Use as recommended for
    reliable results
  • Biodegradable, grey water safe when used as recommended

Ingredients: Carboxcylic acid

Place of Origin: Made in Australia

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