Mount Somers Honey Manuka UMF 15+ 250g

Mount Somers Honey Manuka UMF 15+ 250g

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Manuka honey is well known for its exceptional health giving properties. It has been used by the New Zealand Maori people for thousands of years.

Mount Somers Manuka honey is sourced from the most unpolluted and natural bushlands of New Zealand.

Use this honey three times per day for a range of therapeutic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory health benefits.

All honey has some therapeutic value. This is due to a natural antibacterial property produced by hydrogen peroxide.

Dr Peter Molan, head of the New Zealand honey research center at Waikato University discovered that honey harvested from the nectar of Manuka has a special and unique antibacterial known internationally as non-peroxide activity (NPA). This form of activity is stable when diluted or exposed to heat, light, saliva and blood enzymes. Over 300 honeys have been tested around the world and Manuka is the only one that produces non-peroxide activity.

The Natural antibacterial activity in Manuka honey supports natural healing of wounds when applied to the skin. Taken orally it will help to soothe the digestive tract, sore throats and improves overall gut health.

Manuka honey is also abundant in anti-inflammatory properties; these significantly help in the reduction of pain, scarring and speeds up the healing process.

Every batch of Midlands honey is tested by a NZ Government accredited laboratory to ensure the purity and levels of health giving properties are to the highest standard.

Ingredients: Manuka Honey

Place of Origin: New Zealand

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