Cooks Pantry Organic Spicy Harissa 200g

Cooks Pantry Organic Spicy Harissa 200g

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Harissa is a household staple in Tunisia and it deserves a spot in your pantry too. Much more than a hot pepper paste, Harissa, a blend of dried hot peppers, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and spices, gives your dishes a complex, smoky heat and elevates them to another level.

Harissa is served with almost every meal and snack in most African countries. It's a common condiment but can also be used to flavor curries and stews. It's ingredients vary but most often you can find it made from roasted red peppers, serrano peppers, garlic, spices and herbs such as coriander and saffron and olive oil for preservation. In Tunisia, harissa is served with every meal and is used to prepare and season everything from meat and fish to eggs and toast. According to many North Africans and culinary historians, the Turks brought hot peppers with them when they conquered Tunisia.

Place of Origin: Tunisia

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