Organic Frysafe Coconut Oil 5L

Organic Frysafe Coconut Oil 5L

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Organic purified coconut oil is preservative free contains no trans fats and is ideal for use in general high heat cuisine such as baking and frying. Refined coconut oil has no coconut taste or fragrance. Coconut oil is one of the most stable oils and does not break down under heat to for trans fat. It's a " partner in the larder " to organic cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil with retains the coconut flavour and aroma. Coconut oil changes from solid to liquid around 21 degrees celsius without any deterioration of product. Refined coconut oil consists of short and medium chain fatty acids ( especially Lauric Acid 49%), often called "the good saturated fats" with remarkable health qualities.

Ingredients: 100% organic coconut oil

Place of Origin: Product of the Sri Lanka, Packed in Australia

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