Organic Spelt Lasagne 250g

Organic Spelt Lasagne 250g

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Spelt* is an ancient grain, at the helm of the grain family, which has been the premiere source of nutrition for humanity for centuries over. The most ancient tales of harvesting spelt go back to 7000 BC and confirm its presence during the very first agricultural experiences of man. Spelt (Triticum Dicoccum) had vanished from the modern agricultural panorama because it has been replaced with grains that are mass-produced. Spelt had been produced in a few limited mountain areas and was about to die out until it was rediscovered by organic agriculturists. It was then brought to the consumer’s interest for its high nutritional value and pleasing taste. The spelt grain is covered with glumes which don’t come apart when threshing and therefore needs to be hulled. For the most part, the spelt grain is protected and cultivated in areas with high hills or mountains therefore preserving it from atmospheric pollution. Hybrids and selections that have modified other grains and cereals have not affected spelt. It arrives at our supper tables unaltered through time. Spelt is tolerated by those who are allergic to wheat (does not apply to those allergic to gluten) and is recommended by many doctors. TRITICUM DICOCCUM. There is a variety of spelt depending on the area which they were preserved. Triticum Dicoccum is the best variety for pasta – making and also suited for bread-making.

Ingredients: 100% organic semi-wholemeal spelt flour

Place of Origin: Product of Italy

100% organic semi-wholemeal spelt flour

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