Our beef, pork, lamb & chicken comes from Tarna Valley Farm in Cape Clear, Victoria. It's all grass fed, free range meat and tastes so incredible compared to the stuff on the supermarket shelves! Ordering online means it's hard to specify the exact weight of the cuts that are available. So there might be a slight variation in the weight of some cuts. But rest assured, our lovely butcher always makes sure your order meets the value of what you've paid for. That's the beauty of dealing directly with the farmer!
ORDERING ROAST: If you order a roast, you're ordering by the kilo. So if you want a 2kg lamb roast, pop a "2" in the order box and you'll receive a single 2kg roast (not 2 x 1kg roasts). If you've got any questions, please send me an email and I'll clarify!
Next deliveries are - 
Order 2nd March - Delivered 10th March
Order 16th March - Delivered 24th March
Order 30th March - Delivered 7th April