Food to Nourish Protein Bread Mix 350g

Food to Nourish Protein Bread Mix 350g

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This keto protein bread mix provides you with 8g of protein per slice and only 3g of carbohydrates per slice. We’ve used sustainably farmed Australian grown Faba bean protein in this delicious bread mix. Faba bean is a high protein legume, rich in amino acids. It has a neutral taste which means this bread mix doesn’t have a strong protein flavour.

  • Gluten & Dairy Free
  • Grain Free
  • Keto Friendly
  • Made with Australian Faba Bean
  • 8g protein per slice
  • 3g carbs per slice

Ingredients - Almond meal, Australian faba protein powder, organic flaxseeds, organic sunflower seeds, organic tapioca flour, organic chia seeds, organic coconut flour, organic psyllium husk, baking powder and sea salt.

Size - 350g.

Origin - Australia.

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