Koala Tea Organic No Worries 20 teabags

Koala Tea Organic No Worries 20 teabags

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Is the world getting you down? Drink a cup of our No Worries Tea to relax you and get you thinking straight again. With mint, lemon grass, lemon balm and roasted chicory root.

The herbs used in Koala Teas are grown all around Australia on small farms to get the best growing conditions for each individual herb. They always try to use Australian herbs, but if this is not possible, the best is sourced from overseas, preferably through Fair Trade organisations. All the herbs are certified organic.

Koala Teas are packed for your ease of use in teabags of non-chlorine bleached filtered paper. Putting the tea in teabags is the best way to ensure a perfect mix of ingredients. The string is 100% unbleached cotton. No chemicals are used in the production of either string or bag.  Both the envelope and the teabag can safely be added to the compost.  They overwrap the box with cellophane to keep the teas safe and fresh. The Box and cellophane can be recycled.

Ingredients: lemon grass, lemon balm, roasted chicory root, mint (all ingredients are certified organic)

Place of Origin: Australia

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