Nudie Orange Juice 2L (with pulp)

Nudie Orange Juice 2L (with pulp)

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*Refrigerated item

nudie nothing but 21* oranges juice with pulp is made with 100% Australian fruit and has no added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavours.*on average (give or take a few)

It’s not easy to concentrate, which is why we avoid it at all costs. But some juicers looove to concentrate so much, they use it in their juice! Concentrate is a kind of cryogenically frozen juice that’s brought back to life years later by adding water, flavour, sugar and other stuff. Eww! That’s why we made nothing but; good, simple, fruit juice – no preservatives, no additives, just Aussie fruit. And because we love to support local farmers and growers – we will always only use Australian oranges, right from our own backyard. What good could we do beyond the juice fridge?

Ingredients: orange juice (100%) and nothing else!

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