Organic Times Easter Egg DARK 130g

Organic Times Easter Egg DARK 130g

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We can help make your Easter an ethical and sustainable delight with Organic Times fair-trade, organic coverture chocolate.

Delicious, creamy and sweetened with Organic Times Rapadura Sugar which contains minerals and molasses unlike other cane sugar. Our chocolate offers a caramel like depth of flavour that is smooth and decadent in taste.

Our Easter range is lovingly made in Australia, using the very finest organic and fair-trade ingredients, and with nothing artificial and no use of gluten, palm-oil or GMOs. Better for you and our planet.

Available in 55% dark, 35% milk and white varieties, you’ll be sure to find the perfect Easter gifts for family and friends.

Organic Times Chocolate Easter Bunnies and Eggs are made in Australia, using the finest ingredients.

The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia logo Hand in Hand Organic Rapunzel Fairtrade logo

* certified organic
* fair-trade certified
* free from GMO’s
* palm-oil free
* nothing artificial
* vegetarian

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