Sprout & Kernel - Classic Cashew Nut Cheese 120g

Sprout & Kernel - Classic Cashew Nut Cheese 120g

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Sprout & Kernel blend their home made cashew cheese with rejuvelac, a natural pro biotic that we make from buckwheat to culture all our tree nut cheeses. Rejuvelac promotes beneficial bacteria in the gut, helps the body to reduce inflammation and produce and absorbe vitamins, enzymes and oxygen.

When these two core ingredients are combined, you get our delicious cultured tree nut cheeses. All of our cheeses are hand crafted in Sydney’s inner west in a plant-based kitchen. We only use the best ingredients and use Australian grown cashews when available.

Crumble it over pasta sauce or into a risotto and it really comes into its own. Not only does it make the flavours sing, but you’ll be surprised at how much it adds to the texture.  

The Classic Nut Cheese is the great complementer, but this does not mean it fades into the background when it comes to taste. An unmistakable tang asserts its way through the cashew-nut richness, which makes you want to eat more to find out which flavour wins, but, spoiler alert, it’s perfectly  balanced. The winner is cheese!

INGREDIENTS: Cashews (95%),  organic plant-based culture*, filtered water, organic coconut oil*, citric acid and himalayan pink salt. *Organic.

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