Dead Sea Warehouse Bath Salts Bucket 2.27kg

Dead Sea Warehouse Bath Salts Bucket 2.27kg

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The Dead Sea provides the earth with all natural gifts beyond belief and we at Dead Sea Warehouse, Inc. bring them to you ... at unbelievably low pricing!!

The Dead Sea lies gloriously at approx. 1,400 feet (400 plus meters) below sea level in the Syrian Rift Region, bounded by Jordan, Israel and the West Bank. It is the lowest area of earth that is not underwater.

Nubian Ibex - a Dead Sea native!The Dead Sea is the second saltiest body of water in the world and is over 1000 feet deep. The only body of water that is saltier is a shallow pool in Antarctica known as Don Juan Pond.

A full mineral Dead Sea Bath Salt contains less than 9% sodium chloride. If your "Dead Sea Salts" taste like table salt (sodium chloride), they most likely are!! Sodium chloride is extracted from the full mineral salts and sold worldwide for food use (and yummy and bright and white it is!). But many companies utilize this Dead Sea Sodium (which costs them only 1/3 of the full mineral bath salts) as their "Bath Salts" thus denying you the full mineral benefits of true Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts. Dead Sea Warehouse uses only the full mineral bath salts, with less than 9% sodium, for all our bath salt products.

The Dead Sea contains over 21 different minerals and has the highest concentrations of bromide, magnesium, calcium, silica, sodium and potassium of any natural body of salt water in this world.

Medical research and many studies have proven the usefulness of Dead Sea Mineral Salts and Mud in all natural temporary relief from skin conditions, stress, and aches and pains.

Ingredients: 100% Full Mineral Dead Sea Bath Salts.

100% Full Mineral Dead Sea Bath Salts.

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