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Fish orders available EVERY WEEK

Local. Wild. Sustainably Caught.

Our fresh fish and seafood is sourced from The Fresh Seafood Lady

All our fish (except salmon) is wild caught in a sustainable manner, and more often than not it comes direct from the person who caught it. However, sometimes we need to supplement local supply with fish from the Melbourne Seafood Market. Generally, the fish will come from the areas shown in the map below however there may be some exceptions to this based on season, availability, weather conditions, etc.

We use Purse-seine fishing. This is an efficient form of fishing in open water. It has no contact with the seabed and has low levels of by-catch (accidental catch of unwanted species). It also ensures that enough fish is left in the ocean to reproduce.


The salmon we supply is farmed. Farmed salmon is the only fresh Atlantic Salmon available in Australia. However we source it from the farms that don't use growth hormones or artificial colours. Antibiotic use is used very sparingly and only if the fish are sick (unlike many big farms that use antibiotics routinely). No antibiotics have been used in our supplier's farm for the past 12 months - therefore there is none in the current supply of salmon.


Our oysters are harvested in Coffin Bay SA but they are grown in wild conditions. They grow on ropes in the open sea.


Orders are due by 5pm Saturday for delivery on Tuesday/Wednesday between 12.30-7pm. If you won't be home, we will only leave your order if you've left us an esky with ice blocks. We send a text if you are not home at time of delivery. Once delivery has been made the goods are then your responsibility.

Fish orders available EVERY WEEK

PAYMENT: all orders containing any fresh produce MUST be paid via bank deposit. As fish is a natural product the weights are approximate. If the weight is considerably over or under the amount paid for we will either credit you or invoice you for an overweight item.