How to order fresh produce & order deadlines

If you live in Geelong and surrounding areas then you're lucky enough to benefit from our fresh food home delivery service! Every Tuesday and Wednesday we pack our refrigerated van with the most delicious seasonal, organic produce from around the region and bring it straight to your door.

We deliver to Geelong, Greater Geelong, Bellarine, Surf Coast and NOW also Winchelsea.

Check here to see which delivery zone you are in. At the checkout you will be informed whether your delivery is on Tuesday or Wednesday.

We strive to provide the freshest and best quality food. Therefore we require you to pre-order all fresh produce so that we only order what we need each week. This means there are a few order deadlines you need to be aware of to ensure you get everything you want!

Order deadlines for fresh local delivery the following week:

(for exact dates look at individual product pages)

PRODUCT ORDER DEADLINE (you can order before the deadline)

Sourdough Bread  - GF options

midday Friday

Ready to heat meals - GF options 

midday Friday
Pizza - vac sealed midday Friday
Fish & Seafood - WILD unless stated otherwise midday Friday
*TVM Grass Fed & Free range Beef, lamb, pork & whole chicken 5pm WEDNESDAY
*Cherry Tree Organics Beef, Lamb, Pork & Small Goods midday Friday
Inglewood Organic Chicken Orders placed every 4-6 weeks - click here to see product pages for exact dates 
Organic Fruit & Veg midday Friday
Dairy & fridge items Order by Weds to ensure you receive what you are after. Orders placed after Wednesday are dependant on what stock is available

* meat is subject to availability. If any cuts are not available at the time of delivery then the customer needs to re-order, there is no back order system in place. Meat weights are an approximation.  

Although this may seem confusing at first (sorry about that!) it is actually quite simple. Most customers get into the swing of ordering after their first couple of orders. 

What is the deadline for products not listed above?

Orders from our extensive pantry, cleaning and toiletry range can be ordered at anytime. You can order any of our "non fresh" lines up until 5pm on the Monday prior to delivery. Orders placed after this time may not be fulfilled until the following week.

What if I want to place another order? Do I have to pay delivery twice?

If you have already placed an order and therefore paid for delivery, use the code: addon in the checkout to make the additional order's delivery FREE.

Please make sure you place SEPARATE orders for produce being delivered on different weeks as a delivery fee needs to be paid for each delivery day. Don't worry we can always fix up any order mistakes.  

How do I PAY for orders?

We keep our prices as competitive as we can so don't include bank fees in our small margins. We therefore really appreciate bank deposit payments. ESPECIALLY for any orders containing FRESH produce i.e. f&v, meat, bread, dairy, etc

What if I'm not home during delivery hours?

No problems! If you've ordered meat, dairy, fish or fridge products and you won't be home PLEASE leave an esky (with adequate ice blocks) out for us. We'll send you a text message once your delivery has been made. This is vital for ensuring freshness. If no esky is provided, a re-delivery fee and time will need to be arranged. Don't worry, we do call you before leaving as quite often you are just around the corner!

Please note: Once your delivery has been made, it becomes your responsibility. If there is a safer, shadier place to leave your order (other than the front door) please let us know. We will send a text to let you know your order has been delivered. 

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