Subscription orders

Hello and welcome to My Home Pantry's subscription service!

Watch a "how to video" here!

Discover the magic of My Home Pantry's subscription service, where we make life as easy as a snap of your fingers! ✨✨ Set up your recurring orders to match your groove – weekly, fortnightly, every 3rd week, every 4th week, or once a month. 🗓️ Your favourite products will appear on your doorstep every Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on your location – like pure wizardry! 🚚✨

🛒 Here's how to set up your subscription:

  1. Fill up your cart with all the goodies you crave.
  2. Choose your delivery rhythm – weekly, fortnightly, or monthly – and add it to your cart along with your subscription order.
  3. At checkout, pick the "BANK DEPOSIT" payment option (it's under the magical credit card options). By doing this, you're helping us keep prices low and make your pantry wishes come true. 🏦💫

Your subscription will auto-activate for the next delivery cycle, grooving to the beat of your chosen frequency. 🎵 You'll receive your invoice a week before your delivery, right in your inbox on Thursday morning. Simply make a swift payment via bank deposit, and remember to drop your order number as the secret password. 💌✨ You can even set up a recurring bank payment for that "set it and forget it" convenience! 🔄💰

🎉 How to shake things up with your subscription:

If you ever feel like skipping a week, partying with a cancellation, or shaking up your subscription, just drop us an email at with the subject "SUBSCRIPTION CHANGES." Let us know your magical desires, and we'll make them happen! 📧🔮

🛍️ Adding a little extra magic to your order:

To sprinkle some extra magic onto your upcoming subscription delivery, place another order and use the secret code "addon" to make the additional order delivery absolutely FREE! 🎁✨ Make sure you meet the order deadlines for these extra goodies to join the subscription party. You can find these deadlines on our website. 📦🎈

Subscription Hack!

Not in the mood for the same old, same old every week? No worries! Why not set up two different fortnightly orders that take turns showing up? 🔄 If you love this idea, get in touch with us, and we'll be your magical guides. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, follow these enchanting steps:

  1. Place your two distinct orders and choose the fortnightly subscription for both.
  2. In the comments section during checkout, tell us which one should kick off the party.
  3. We'll make sure these orders are dancing to their own rhythm on separate weeks.
  4. Now, just relax, and let the magic unfold!