Cherry Tree Organics meat is ordered fortnightly. We offer it the alternate fortnight to our grass fed meat from Tarna Valley Meat. Please make sure you place separate orders if you want meat from both suppliers.

Please pay for any orders containing fresh produce via bank deposit



Saturday Jan 2nd 5pm

Tuesday 5th / Wednesday 6th Jan

Saturday Jan 9th 5pm

Tuesday 12th / Weds 13th Jan
Saturday Jan16th 5pm Tuesday 19th / Weds 20th Jan



Cherry Tree Organics run a fully sustainable farm that produces award-winning lamb and beef. They also offer top quality certified organic pork and chicken, sourced from like-minded family farms in Victoria and Queensland.

Cherry Tree Organics breed only the finest quality cattle using ethical, organic and sustainable farming practices. This results in a delicious and tender taste and optimal vitamins and nutrients. All of their beef is Australian certified organic, and 100% grass-fed.

Cherry Tree Organics lamb is reared slowly and naturally, They breed old style, British bred lamb renowned for their high-quality meat. All lamb is Australian certified organic and 100% grass-fed.

Cherry Tree Organics offers a wide selection of juicy and delicious Australian Certified Organic pigs, ham and bacon cuts. They source all the pork from White Clover Park, a like-minded organic family farm near Bendigo, Victoria.  White Clover Park grows English heritage breeds of pigs chosen for their full and tender flavour. Their pork is free of hormones, antibiotics, additives and water injections.  It's rich, sweet and has great marbling.