Delivery areas & cost

We pack our van with fresh local deliveries every TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY. We deliver to 3 different zones. We have indicated the day of delivery in brackets in the below table. At the checkout please make sure you select the fresh food delivery option.

Zone 1 postcodes

Zone 2 postcodes

Zone 3 postcodes

$5.50 for orders over $50

$8 for orders under $50

$8 for orders over $80

$10 for orders under $80

$10 for orders over $100

$15 for orders under $100

3214 (Tuesday)

3212 - Lara only (Tuesday)

3213 - Batesford, Lovely Banks & Moorabool only (Tuesday)

3215 (Tuesday)

3222 (Wednesday)

3221 (Tuesday)

3216 (Tuesday)


3226 (Wednesday)


3240 (Tuesday)

(Paraparap, Gherang - $15 for orders over $100, $25 for orders under $100)

 3217 (Wednesday)

3227 (Wednesday)

3241 (Tuesday)

(Wensleydale, Wurdiboluc, Winch South - $15 for orders over $100, $25 for orders under $100)

3218 ( Wednesday)

3228 (Wednesday)

3321 - Inverleigh only (Tuesday) 

3219 (Wednesday)

3328 (Tuesday)

3220 (Tuesday)

3331 - Bannockburn & Gheringhap only (Tuesday)
3332 (Tuesday)

 3224 (Wednesday)

3333 (Tuesday) 

Delivery day is indicated in the brackets

What if I'm not home during delivery hours?

No problems! If you've ordered refrigerated items like meat, dairy, fish, dairy, etc and you won't be home PLEASE leave an esky (with adequate ice blocks) out for us. We'll send you a text message once your delivery has been made. This is vital for ensuring freshness. If no esky is provided, a re-delivery fee and time will need to be arranged. Don't worry, we do call you before leaving as quite often you are just around the corner!

Please note: Once your delivery has been made, it becomes your responsibility. If there is a safer, shadier place to leave your order (other than the front door) please let us know. We will send a text to let you know your order has been delivered. 

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