Spiral Foods Organic Sushi Vinegar 250ml

Spiral Foods Organic Sushi Vinegar 250ml

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Spiral Foods Japanese Sushi Vinrgar is a vital component in processing of Sushi rice. Spiral Foods Japanese Sushi Vinegar 250ML gives the rice additional and exeptional flavour and seasoning. Japanese Sushi Vinegar processing is a not an easy task for it contains sea salt and organic sugar. Cook one cup of sushi rice, using a wooden spoon or paddle break the rice while it is still hot. Gradually cool the rice using a fan and the same time sprinkling about 30ml of Japanese Sushi Vinegar on it. You will then mould and serve it when cooled. If you perform this process as required you will get a shiny look of individual grained rice.

Place of Origin: Product of Japan

Organic rice vinegar, organic sugar, salt.

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