Ready to Heat Meals

Bamalama Cooks is a GEELONG based catering company focused on creating top quality meals for those moment when you just don’t have the time.

What makes our meals taste so good?
No nasties - Our meals are preservative free, refined sugar free and do not contain gluten fillers. If a sauce is thick it’s because it’s been cooked for hours. If a dessert is sweet it’s because of honey or some other delicious, minimally processed gooey goodness.

Seasonal - our meals are based on what’s tastiest. Eat with the seasons and your food will always taste better

Quality ingredients- We don’t use seed oils in our cooking. Olive oil and sometimes coconut oil (depending how hot we are getting) are our go to oils.

We make it - our food tastes so good because we make your ready to heat meals. This is no mass-produced operation here. Just me, in my kitchen, yelling at my kids to stop launching themselves off the couch and trying to land in a washing basket, cooking for you. I love what I do and I love that I get to do it for you!

ORDERS DUE BY MIDDAY FRIDAY for delivery the following week on Tuesday/Wednesday