A.Vogel bioSnacky Mini-Greenhouse

A.Vogel bioSnacky Mini-Greenhouse

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Turn your kitchen into a greenhouse! Discover how quick and easy it is to cultivate your own fresh and crunchy shoots and sprouts using an Original BioSnacky Sprouter and BioSnacky Seeds from organically controlled crops.

 The bioSnacky Mini Greenhouse comprises of:

  • The dome lid ensures maximum light incidence and provide useful surface area for the collection of condensed water. The unique lid opening allows seeds to be watered from above. It also ensures optimum flow of oxygen and discharge of metabolic gases.
  • 3 Large, transparent seed trays enable you to cultivate up to three different types of seeds as the same time. Or, if you prefer, you may harvest continually by staggering the sowing of seeds. The trays are specially developed to ensure that sufficient moisture is always present.
  • 3 unique ventilation slits in each seed tray and in the lid ensure that metabolic gases and heat are completely discharged.
  • After seeds have been watered, all surplus water is collected in the water tray at the base of the sprouter. The tray is the same colour as the earth, thus ensuring that the water in the Greenhouse is neither exposed to light or heat.

The entire unit ensembled measures 20.5m in diameter and 26 cm in height. Each seed tray is 6 cm in height. 

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