Abode Natural Fabric Softener Zero (Fragrance Free) 1L

Abode Natural Fabric Softener Zero (Fragrance Free) 1L

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Commercial fabric softeners are one of the most toxic cleaning products in our homes. They are filled with synthetic fragrances and dangerous chemicals that coat your towels, sheets and clothing. These toxins are then absorbed through your skin into your bloodstream. 

Our fabric softener is a plant-based formula that contains no nasty chemicals or artificial fragrances and leaves your clothes, sheets and towels amazingly soft without the static. Also, the essential oil blend Comfort Fresh includes Lavender, patchouli and juniper leaving everything smelling beautifully fresh!

Using cutting edge plant and mineral based technology, Healthy Home Products offers powerful effective cleaning without the environmental and health hazards associated with conventional brands. Our unique formulations do away with nasty chemicals such as phosphates, zeolites, optical brighteners, artificial fragrances and harsh surfactants – making Healthy Home Products the safest choice for your family and our environment.

 We’ve designed the ZERO range specifically for people with sensitive skin, allergies, and chemical sensitivities. It can even be used as a base to add your own essential oils!


Origin - Abode products are developed and manufactured in Melbourne to stringent Australian standards, using only the best natural food grade ingredients. 

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