Absolute Organic Greek WHOLE Kalamata Olives 980g

Absolute Organic Greek WHOLE Kalamata Olives 980g

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The Queen of all Mediterranean olives. A great product that comes from the sun drenched hilltops of central Peloponnese, a region well known for its high quality olives. Enjoy our exquisite Kalamata Olives with your salad or pizza, or toss them into your stews and sauces to create authentic Mediterranean dishes and you will get thrilled with their crunche flesh, their deep purplish color and their amazing rich and almost smoky flavor. Ideal for vegans.

Place of Origin: Greece

Please store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 15 days.

Ingredients: kalamata olives* (63%),
red wine vinegar*,
sea salt.


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