Alter Eco Super Blackout Organic Chocolate 90% 75g

Alter Eco Super Blackout Organic Chocolate 90% 75g

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Alter Eco Blackout has a deep fruity intensity, not recommended for those afraid of the dark

Alter Eco chocolate is a delicious indulgence that makes an extra-ordinary journey. Plucked from organic trees near the Ecuadorian coast, their cacao beans are fermented, dried and brought to Switzerland, where they are meticulously roasted and conched into some of the worlds finest cocoa products. Alter Eco's expert chocolatiers use unique flavour combinations, quality organic ingredients and an artisan's touch to craft there award-winning, habit forming bars.

  • No SOY ingredients
  • GMO free
  • No artificial flavours
  • No emulsifiers
  • Cocoa 60% minimum

Ingredients - Cacao beans*, cocoa butter*, raw cane sugar*, vanilla beans*  (*organic and fair trade)

Origin - Product in Ecuador, Made in Switzerland

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