Bennetto Organic Dark Chocolate RASPBERRIES 100g

Bennetto Organic Dark Chocolate RASPBERRIES 100g

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A vegan, organic, fairtrade chocolate bar that is committed to preserving the environment, and tastes fantastic.  

You’ll be able to taste Bennetto's passion for organic quality food in all their products.

Bennetto use organic and Fairtrade ingredients because they believe it is vital to the ongoing wellbeing of our people, our animals and the planet.

The journey of their 100gm bar range starts with the farmers cooperative called ‘Acopagro’. This Peruvian Fairtrade cooperative, made up of 2000 small-scale farmers, is based in the Amazon jungle. This long-standing cooperative supports education, opportunities for women and reforestation in the Amazon – while perfect growing conditions produce vibrant and a naturally fruity organic cocoa.

In addition to cocoa, these farmers also plant timber trees to increase the cocoa farmers’ long-term income. At the same time this planting will offset all carbon emissions produced during the chocolate manufacturing process. To be precise, 1 new tree is planted for every 1000 bars produced. Please see the inside of the packaging for a detailed depiction.

The secret to the quality of Bennetto chocolate has a lot to do with their ingredients. They only use organic, and when able use Fairtrade certified. They never use refined white sugar and when technically possible they use coconut sugar. Bennetto don’t use milk products so all their products are suitable for a vegan diet.


FAIRTRADE Bennetto certify their products with Fairtrade so they know their farmers not only have a protected income, but are additionally given the education and support to produce quality and consistency in their yields. Because it is such an important part of their values, Bennetto are committed to Fairtrade and actively engage in supporting Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand.

ORGANIC All Bennetto chocolate is certified organic through either Biogro (New Zealand) or with the Bio Inspecta (EU) Organic Standard. Through European agriculture programmes their farmers gain additional ongoing support and direct assistance to improve their living standards and conserve the environment around them. This important support also includes:

  • Zero interest loans to obtain the correct tools.
  • Free school uniforms for the farmers’ children.
  • Educational seminars to ensure ongoing personal development.

Ingredients: Cocoa mass**, raw cane sugar**, cocoa butter**, dried raspberries* [4%], Madagascar vanilla beans**

*Organically grown. **Organically grown and fairtrade certified.

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