Buchi Blackcurrant Elderberry Kombucha Can 375ml

Buchi Blackcurrant Elderberry Kombucha Can 375ml

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Discover the antioxidant benefits of Blackcurrant and Elderberry in Buchi Blackcurrant Elderberry Kombucha.

This kombucha is brewed with locally-sourced organic ginger, resulting in a refreshing, tart flavour with earthy notes and a lively zing.

With over 2000 years of tradition, kombucha is a tea fermented with a SCOBY or Mother, providing a unique blend of probiotics, organic acids, and enzymes to help detoxify the body and support gut health. As an adaptogen, it helps restore the body's natural balance.

Ingredients: Organic Raw Kombucha 98.5% (filtered water, black/green tea, raw sugar & kombucha cultures)*, ginger juice (<1%), elderberries* (<1%) & NZ blackcurrant powder*(<1%).**
* Certified Organic
** Carbon dioxide added at time of bottling

Origin - Australia.

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