Ceres Organic Gherkins Whole 670g

Ceres Organic Gherkins Whole 670g

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Ceres Organics believe in the integrity of 'real' plant-based ingredients. So their gherkins are just that! They take organically grown gherkin cucumbers and pickle them in a traditional infusion of organic vinegars, herbs and spices, with no added sugar. Crunchy and full of tangy deliciousness, they're awesome on crackers, in sandwiches, or as part of a salad. Eat whole, slice lengthwise into halves or quarters for sharing plates, dice and toss through salads, grate or process and add to cream cheese or yoghurt for a delicious gherkin dip or slice thinly to add to burgers and sandwiches. 

Ingredients: Cucumbers*, White Vinegar* Herb Infused Vinegar* (Dill*, Tarragon*), Sea Salt, Dill*, Mustard Seed*, Spices* (Onions*, Coriander*, Fennel*, Pepper*), Stabiliser (Calcium Citrate)

*Certificate Organic

Origin: Germany

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