Clipper Organic Decaf Tea 20 tea bags

Clipper Organic Decaf Tea 20 tea bags

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A fine organic Assam tea, specially selected to retain full flavour after decaffeination.

A bit about the decaf bit....... Some other tea makers use chemical solvents such as methylene chloride and ethyl acetate to strip the caffeine from their teas. Ethyl acetate works well in nail polish remover (so we've heard), but let's just say it's not very Clipper.

What's more, chemical solvents remove the caffeine, but they can leave behind a chemical residue. That's why Clipper use the natural CO2 decaffeination method, which leaves behind no chemical nasties whatsoever.

CO2 (carbon dioxide) is a completely natural resource, found in the air we breathe. It's also the gas that gives sparkling water its bubbles - leaving just lovely, fresh tasting tea.

The Soil Association approves CO2 decaffeination for use in organic products because it's the most natural way to remove the caffeine.  At Clipper, we're proud to say that it's the only method we ever use, for all our decaf teas and coffees.

Removing the caffeine can take away some of the flavour, so Clipper have selected a premium, organic Assam for the Everyday decaf. Assam tea delivers a big, full flavour, even after decaffeination. Decaf and delicious!

Ingredients: Organically grown tea. Less than 0.2% caffeine.

Origin: Produce of more than one country. Imported ingredients, packed in the UK by Clipper Teas Ltd.

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