Cherry Tree Organics Beef & Vegetable Pie

Cherry Tree Organics Beef & Vegetable Pie

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Pie making is an art for Cherry Tree Organics, their pies are handcrafted using only the finest quality, certified organic ingredients.  First the pastry is made from scratch, using four ingredients - flour, water, butter & salt. 

There are no conveyer belts or mass production, only 30 pies are made at a time, very small batch.

Cherry Tree Organics beef is slow cooked with certified organic vegetables and herbs until the meat is tender and falls apart with every bite - creating a delicious and wholesome filling.

Each pie is unique and made from real ingredients and hard work.

Their pies are then frozen fresh to ensure you receive them as fresh as possible with no preservatives, fillers or additives required.

The pies weighs approximately 1.2kg and will be vacuum sealed to ensure a shelf life of 5 days from the day you receive it.

Certified Organic Ingredients
Certified organic, 100% grass fed beef, sweet potato, onion, carrot, bone broth, salt, pepper, cumin, thyme, mixed herbs, tomato paste, pastry (flour, water, butter, salt).

Cooking Instructions
Reheat in oven at 180C

Size - 1.2kg

Origin - Australia

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