Remedy Kombucha Passionfruit 4x250ml cans

Remedy Kombucha Passionfruit 4x250ml cans

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The fragrantly, fruity aroma and zingy tang of this fizzy will take you right back to your childhood holidays. Warm nights, the buzz of a mosquito in your ear as you try go to sleep, sand in your sheets, BBQs, maybe a bit of sunburn and pavlova. Definitely pavlova. THIS is summer bottled. A classic flavour that everyone will love with tonnes of tang and just the right balance of sweet and sour, savour the scent before taking a sip.

Ingredients - Certified organic raw kombucha (sparkling water, wild kombucha culture, black tea*, green tea*), natural sweeteners (erythritol* and steviol glycosides*), natural passionfruit flavour, lemon juice*.

*Certified Organic Ingredients.

Size - 4x250ml.

Origin - Australia.

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