South Salt Australian Natural Sea Salt Flakes 750g

South Salt Australian Natural Sea Salt Flakes 750g

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The Australian Flake Salt Company is wholly Australian owned and was established in 2013 by John Petrov and Frank McManus, two of Australia's most experienced salt industry professionals, to bring back traditional sea salt flakes to the Australian fine food market.

With salt production becoming more industrialised and mechanised, table salt has lost its covenant with lovers of fine cuisine, becoming homogenised, lifeless, soul-less and unappetising requiring the use of anti-caking agents such as sodium ferro-cyanide to prevent caking and loss of savour.

John and Frank have recaptured the vitality and zest of the traditional sea salt flakes of yesteryear, creating a sea salt which energises food and requires no additives or chemicals in either the process or brines.

Their passion for this idea required them to dig deep into salt making lore and recreate long abandoned techniques to produce a delicious natural sea salt flake, retaining the trace minerals of the pristine Southern Ocean in a delightful snowflake shape pyramid which is always ready to bring joy to your food.


Ingredients - 100% Natural Sea Salt Flakes


Place of Origin: Southern Oceans of Australia

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