EnviroClean Laundry & Pre-soaker 5kg

EnviroClean Laundry & Pre-soaker 5kg

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Easily handle all your laundry needs with EnviroClean Laundry & Pre-soaker 5kg!

This highly concentrated powder is perfect for both front & top load washing machines, and can be used safely on all types of fabrics and colours, at any water temperature.

The powerful enzymes act as a pre-soak for tough stains, making them easy to remove. No need to worry about adding extra powder, as a little goes a long way!

Free from harmful elements such as phosphates, caustic, chlorine, and never testing on animals, you can feel confident choosing EnviroClean.

With readily biodegradable surfactants, this product is also safe for your septic and sewerage systems.

Choose the best for your laundry and the environment with EnviroClean Laundry & Pre-soaker 5kg.

  • Soak overnight in the machine or bucket to remove stains.
  • Nappies – add 2 dessertspoons enviroClean Disinfectant.
  • Very concentrated 1 – 3 dessertspoons depending on load size.
  • Separate whites and coloured.
  • All water temperatures.

Use EnviroClean Fabric Conditioner in final rinse for extra softness and static removal.

Ingredients: Alkaline Salts, Plant Based Anionic and Non Ionic Surfactants, Bio Enzymes, Propriety Natural Citrus Fragrance.

Origin:  Product of Australia

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