Grana Trentingrana Cheese 200g

Grana Trentingrana Cheese 200g

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Trentingrana is a Protected Designation of Origin cheese , which is part of the Grana Padano Protection Consortium. In addition to the DOP Regulations, they have also chosen to follow a specific regulation that sets voluntary quality standards, to make their cheese truly excellent. Thanks to this and to the mountain characteristics of the production area, its territorial specificity has been recognized, which allows it to proudly bear the word Trentino on all its shapes.

Why is it special? For the rebels who produce it. Trentingrana was born from the passion and daily commitment of 16 cooperative dairies in Trentino. Only the simplest and most genuine ingredients: milk from the Trentino mountains, salt and rennet. This is Trentingrana: a completely natural cheese, produced with raw milk, with a hard texture and cooked only in the cooperative dairies of the valleys in the shadow of the Dolomites exclusively with milk from cows reared in the area.

Trentingrana is produced following tradition, the rhythms of the seasons and with respect for nature. Perhaps this is why its characteristics are unique, such as the special fragrance, the aroma, the balanced taste and an unmistakable sweetness that make it a cheese for the whole meal, appetizing for all palates. 

  • Trentingrana Premium Quality is vacuum packed in a 200 gram format.
  • Seasoning 18-24 months
  • Designation of origin cheese, produced with raw milk from the province of Trento.
  • Typically grainy paste that breaks into flakes under the pressure of the knife. Holes absent. Sweet, pleasant, non-spicy flavour.
  • Trentingrana is a cheese suitable for everyone because it is naturally lactose-free due to the natural production process (galactose less than 10 mg/100 g).

INGREDIENTS: Milk, salt, rennet.

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