hannahpad Reusable Cloth Pad Medium

hannahpad Reusable Cloth Pad Medium

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HannahPad Australia

These pads are the answer... period!

They are practical and easy to use, reusable = sustainable (yay), not to mention BEAUTIFUL xx

Hannahpads are made of certified organic cotton kept at its most natural – unbleached and undyed so even the most sensitive skin can reuse them and it's great for constructing the absorption layers in the core of the pad.

The Medium Hannah pad with extra grip feature is perfect for everyday use on regular flow. Hannahpad Medium is similar to a regular size in disposable pads. 

The outer pattern layer of hannahpad has a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) waterproof coating on the inside to prevent leaks instead of PUL (Polyurethane Laminate). TPU uses heat without any solvents or further chemicals to laminate the fine coating of polyurethane to the fabric.

The extra grip feature added to our smaller pads sizes is created by adhering silicone dots to the outer pattern layer. This prevents any slippage when wearing the liner or pad.

100% Recyclable plastic buttons. Reuse or recycle.

Hannah Pad Australia "We care deeply about the health of our planet and the health of human beings. We are passionate about providing people with sustainable choices in reusable products that will benefit their skin, menstrual health and well-being".

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