Jen's Hens Organic Eggs 800g dozen

Jen's Hens Organic Eggs 800g dozen

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Certified Organic, Free Range, Pasture reared Eggs

Jen's Hens are genuinely organic. We purchase chicks on the day they are hatched and rear them for the next 16 weeks in a controlled environment. Their diet consists of certified organic feed. Their water is filtered and UV treated for purity. No chemicals are used in this process.
At 16 weeks the pullets are introduced to their mobile sheds in the outside paddocks. The sheds and feeders provide shelter, food, water, roosting perches and nesting boxes. Each paddock is enclosed by a netting fence with electric wires to prevent intrusion by predators such as foxes and dogs. We also use alpacas within the paddocks to deter predators.
The mobile sheds are never fully enclosed, so the hens have 24/7 access to open pastures. They are truly free range hens that live and forage outside and only use the sheds for shelter, to roost or to lay their eggs.
Eggs are collected daily and taken to our on-farm processing shed, where they are inspected, cleaned, stamped, UV sanitised, graded for size and packed into their cartons. They are stored in a refrigerated cool room prior to delivery to market on a weekly basis,
We do not handle eggs from outside sources to minimise the risk of disease or infections.
Every effort is directed to supplying our customers with fresh, clean, healthy organic eggs of the highest quality we can achieve.

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