Kehoe's Kitchen Smoked Eggplant Tangy Probiotic Dip 250g

Kehoe's Kitchen Smoked Eggplant Tangy Probiotic Dip 250g

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Kehoe's Kitchen is an Australian-owned and operated company that produces all its products in-house at its own facility.

Their Smoked Eggplant Tangy Probiotic Dip 250g is made by smoking fresh eggplants and then fermenting them in sauerkraut juice to create a deliciously creamy and probiotic Baba Ganoush.

Due to the light smoky flavour and fermentation process, it has a strong umami taste that is sure to please.

The dip is partially fermented in the jar, resulting in a fizzy, tangy, and aerated texture. To ensure freshness, store it in the refrigerator and open it slowly over a bowl, following the instructions on the lid sticker.

This dip is raw, fermented, and packed with probiotics, making it a great choice for snacks or spreads.

Best of all, it stays fresh for weeks, even after opening.


Ingredients: House smoked eggplant (37%), Cashews, organic sauerkraut juice (cabbage, mild curry spices, salt) garlic & sea salt.  Wild fermented.  No vinegar or starter cultures used.

Origin: Made in Australia from at least 97% Australian ingredients

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