My Organics Golden (Inca) Berries 200g

My Organics Golden (Inca) Berries 200g

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The Incaberry is indigenous to the high altitude tropical regions of South America. This exotic and delicious organic fruit will not only tantalise your taste buds, but its array of health benefits puts it in a class of its own.

Similar to a Cape Gooseberry, the Incaberry is a small fruit with a glossy orange-yellow skin that is surrounded by papery leaves. Once the fruit is dried it has a distinctive bronze orange colour. Organic Incaberries are an amazing taste sensation – sweet with a fine and delicate sour finish. The taste is so unique, you just have to try them.

Organic Incaberries are the South American superfood, nature’s nutritional powerhouse. Recent studies found these Incaberries to have an antioxidant capacity higher than Gojiberries and other major dried fruits. Dried Incaberries are very high in fibre with 19g fibre per 100g or 8g in a ¼ cup (45g). This is more fibre than 1 cup of a high fibre breakfast cereal or a salad sandwich on wholegrain bread.

But more importantly Incaberries contain soluble fibre necessary for controlling appetite and reducing cholesterol re-absorption in the intestine. They contain a wide range of nutrients including vitamin C, potassium and phosphorus and are naturally low in sodium.

Ingredients: Organic Incaberries

Origin: Packed in Australia, product of South America

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