Roar Natural Cordial Passion Power 500ml

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Passion Power is brimming with the taste of sun-kissed, Australian grown passionfruit. The classic fruit tang of Passion Power drenches your tastebuds and carries you away into the tropical fantasy of an eternal summer.

Let pure passion roar through your palate for a tropical escape any day. It takes only a drop of this Australian-grown passionfruit-infused Passion Power Cordial to put you right smack in the middle of paradise.

Crafted from natural botanicals that are Mother Nature-approved, lightly sweet and refreshing passionfruit paired with a hint of lime has the power to brighten your day. Sultry and inviting, it’s perfect for a natural taste of the tropics any time of year.

Go wild with Passion Power Cordial by adding it to your water bottle for extraordinary refreshment at the workplace or gym. Make gummies you can feel good about giving your kids with all-natural ingredients. Craft your own bespoke cocktails for a roaring good time any night of the week.

 Use a drop of Passion Power Cordial to infuse the flavours of paradise in anything you create. Think lazy afternoons and frangipani scented evenings, sipping a glass of passionfruity goodness while your imagination transports you away to a sweet passion paradise.

Ingredients: Raw Sugar, Water, Passionfruit, Lime Juice.

Capacity: 500mls

Serves: Up to 33 serves

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