Roar Natural Cordial Raspberry 500ml

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There's no fruit that signals the advent of summer quite like berries. Natures knows exactly what she's doing when edible, juicy, bright red and plump raspberries are hidden in the canes and bushes. Ripe, sweet yet tart berries awaits the finder, be it man or bird wandering in earth's garden of miracle.

Raspberries are the quintessential summer fruit and these little jewels of ruby goodness pack a punchy delight. Delicate yet full flavoured, here Roar have created the perfect, traditional cordial designed to allure and beguile. Unadulterated smell of freshly picked raspberries whet the senses as soon as you open Roar Living's raspberry cordial.

Plump, delicate and heavenly raspberries are gently pressed in a time-honoured tradition. Roar then add freshly squeezed lemon juice and raw sugar before simmering to perfection.

Ingredients: Water, Raw Sugar, Raspberries, Lemon juice

Capacity: 500mls

Serves: Up to 33 serves

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