San Elk Artisan Beef Bone Stock 160g

San Elk Artisan Beef Bone Stock 160g

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Our certified organic artisan beef bone stock is made with dehydrated beef bone and finely ground vegetables, herbs and spices to provide a mild natural flavour when added to your meals. We ensure our stock is made from the highest quality raw ingredients available and that all of the essential nutrients are retained.

We use boiled dehydrated beef bones in our stock which is milder in flavour and also lighter in colour in comparison to regular beef which is darker brown.  We don't use any colours, preservatives or additives in our stocks and the addition of turmeric, reishi mushroom and shiitake mushroom make our beef bone stock lighter in colour. 


Sea salt, corn flour*, raw sugar*, extra virgin olive oil*, mushroom* (reishi* and shiitake*), beef bone, tomato*, onion*, garlic*, cracked pepper*, parsley* and nutmeg*.

* Denotes certified organic ingredients.

160g - Makes 13 litres of stock. 


The beef bone broth is made with ethically sourced grass fed and finished bones, sourced from small ethical and sustainable farms in Australia. 

We make a conscious effort to source grass fed and organically raised cattle, that are raised in their natural environment and not pumped with antibiotics, hormones or toxins.

Our supplier has a fully traceable supply chain and manufactured under strict AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) to guarantee integrity

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