Schulz Organic Greek Yoghurt 1kg

Schulz Organic Greek Yoghurt 1kg

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At Schulz Organic Dairy, we’re proud to have been at the forefront of organic farming since 1972. Across three generations of dedicated farmers, we’ve been producing the highest quality milk from our single herd of healthy Friesian and Jersey cows. While we’re not yet at 100%, most of our girls carry the coveted A2 protein.

We work hard to make real dairy products that are simple, pure and delicious, processing in small batches with great care and detail right here at our farmhouse factory in Timboon. We add nothing but natural ingredients to our products.

The Schulz philosophy is simple - Happy cows produce delicious milk.

Using our Natural Yogurt as it’s base, we then strain to remove the liquid whey creating the classic tangy, thicker-textured, Greek-style yogurt. It’s tub-set, and retains a thick layer of cream on top.

Ingredients - Non-homogenised certified organic cows milk, organic milk solids, organic milk solids, live cultures (S. thermophilus, L Bulgaricus).

Size - 1kg.

Origin - Australia.

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