SO2GO Sachet 3ml

SO2GO Sachet 3ml

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SO2GO is a safe & natural product that is used by winemakers the World over to lower or remove sulphur preservatives. It removes Free Sulphur Dioxide (SO2- preservatives. Notably, 220 & 224) levels in wine, champagne, beer, cider and even fruit juices. It will not affect the taste of your drink at all, except perhaps, to enhance it by ƒ??breathingƒ?� the wine.  Now you can enjoy pure wine with no side affects, without having to buy expensive so called ƒ??preservative freeƒ?� or ƒ??organic winesƒ?�. All wines contain sulphur, even organic wines and preservative free wines. (FSANZ Australia guidelines state: If the detectable amount of preservative is less than 10 ppm, labelling laws in Australia do not require anything about preservative to be mentioned on the label)

How do you use it?

Simply drop SO2GO, wine preservative remover, to your wine prior to drinking, using either the handy spray bottle or the sachet. The 5ml spray bottle will treat a minimum of 20 standard glasses of wine. (four 750ml bottles) You simply put x2 sprays per glass and give the glass a swirl. With the sachet, simply open and pour it into your bottle of wine, put the lid back on and tilt the bottle upside down a couple of times, or, if using a decanter, swirl  after adding.  One sachet will treat one 750ml bottle. You can now enjoy pure wine without the high level of preservatives.  Many people suffer with allergies and reactions to the preservatives in wine and other drinks containing sulphites, experiencing headaches, stuffiness and hives. SO2GO removes the sulphite preservatives, harmlessly and effectively. Click here to find out more about sulphur and allergies.

What is SO2GO?

SO2GO is a measured, dilute, high quality solution of food grade hydrogen peroxide. (H2O2) It does not affect the flavour or quality of wine or Champagne. Winemakers use H2O2 to remove bulk sulphur preservatives in wine, prior to bottling but, some preservatives are left to keep the wine from oxidising. SO2GO works by saturating the wine with oxygen right before consumption. This burst of oxygen binds to the sulphur, neutralising it, leaving your wine deliciously preservative free.

high quality solution of food grade hydrogen peroxide. (H2O2)

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