Zeally Bay Sourdough Seed & Sprout Tin 700g

Zeally Bay Sourdough Seed & Sprout Tin 700g

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A unique loaf with some very special nourishing ingredients. This bread contains whole sprouted wheat seeds adding nutritional benefits and sweetness. High in enzymes, our sprouted seed mash enhances fermentation leading to a wonderful deep tan, caramelised crust. Rolled golden flax seeds, buckwheat kernels, sesame seeds and oat groats complete the excellent flavour and nutritional profile of this loaf. 

Seed and Sprout toasts beautifully or use it to make a fabulous healthy sandwich.


  • Certified Organic and Biodynamic flours (white wheat, wholemeal wheat and stoneground sifted wheat)
  • Twice filtered 'Grander' water
  • Certified Organic sourdough culture
  • Certified Organic sprouted wheat seed
  • Certified Organic oat groats
  • Certified Organic sprouted buckwheat kernels
  • Certified Organic flax seeds
  • Certified Organic sesame seeds
  • Natural sea salt
  • Natural vitamin C

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