Zeally Bay Sourdough Spelt, Buckwheat & Polenta 600g

Zeally Bay Sourdough Spelt, Buckwheat & Polenta 600g

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This award winning loaf is an earthy combination of freshly milled Biodynamic spelt flour from Powlett Hill Farm, wholegrain buckwheat flour and polenta. It is a robust nourishing country loaf with nutty flavours, a moist chewy interior and malty toasty crust.

Every spelt loaf is a twin separated at birth from the oven after having slowly risen together in their cane basket.


  • Certified Biodynamic Powlett Hill spelt flour
  • Twice filtered 'Grander' water
  • Certified Organic sourdough culture
  • Certified Organic polenta
  • Certified Organic buckwheat flour
  • Natural sea salt
  • Natural vitamin C

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